• Because Caregivers Need Support too.

    When caregivers are supported they become powerful self advocates for self care.

  • Far too many caregivers are are providing care for children, relatives and aging parents - alone. They are facing isolation, minimal resources and limited support (if at all).

    Most likely you are very empathetic and providing care was never a question, but it should come at the cost of your own health; physically, emotionally and socially.

  • The Caregivers Collective - You are not alone.

    The demands of the modern caregiver are intense. Many are sole income earners and sole care providers. Most are craving connection with others experiencing the same.


    We here at The Caregivers Collective offer a community bringing together other single caregivers and provide resources and live monthly workshops to support your growth.


    All of our interactions are confidential and Inclusive. Being a caregiver should include you.

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